Lesson 1: Objective setting process

The objective setting as explained in module 1 is the first stage in the performance management cycle.

In order to set your objectives you need to perform 6 easy steps, we will give you an overview of these steps here and then discuss each one in details in the following lessons.

  1. Roll over each step in the objective setting process to learn more about it.
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  • Step 1: Start objective setting

    Your objective setting process begins with you receiving a notification to start setting your objectives when your manager transfers objectives to you.

  • Step 2: Set objectives

    Create objectives; You may choose from the objective library, or create a new objective, You can also set performance measures like target dates, weight, target percent / number etc.

  • Step 3: Align objectives

    View shared objectives of manager, and align your objectives with them. You may also update the objectives cascaded by your manager for you.

  • Step 4: Finalize Objectives

    Review and finalize your objectives, then transfer the objectives to your manager for approval.

  • Step 5: Share Objectives

    Share approved objectives with your team.

  • Step 6: End Objective setting

    Complete the objectives setting process by Transferring objectives to manager again for approval.