Lesson 3: The purpose of having a PMS

The PMS provides many advantages including :

  1. Aligning objectives
  2. Objectives library
  3. Tracking progress
  4. Communication & discussions
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The System allows alignment between individual objectives and the manager’s objectives as the process of Performance Management starts by the Managers setting their objectives first.

The system will help employees view their divisional scorecards through using the option “objective library”. This will assist employees in understanding their divisional priorities and what KPIs and Targets they need to focus on for a particular year.

The Performance Management system provides an easy tool for tracking progress, identification of competency gaps and report generation which was lacking when using the manual system.

Having an electronic system does not mean that Managers and Employees should not meet to discuss objectives, progress and ratings. On the contrary, the Performance Management system is only successful when both Managers and Employees ensure constant communication and discussions and use the system to record and draft what has been discussed.