Course Introduction

This course will provide you with a step-by step instruction on how to use the performance management system, and the benefits it provides to the employees and the organization.

You will learn about :

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  • PMS Purpose

    Learn the benefits and advantages of implementing a performance management system.

  • Employees Objective Setting

    Understand when you should start your objective setting process and how to align it with your managers objectives and how to review and transfer them back to your manager for approval.

  • Viewing and Tracking Objectives

    Identify the steps involved in the midyear review process and their purpose and learn how to review and track your objectives progress.

  • Managers and Employee Year-End Appraisal

    Identify the steps involved in the year-end appraisal process.

  • Manager Objective Setting

    Identify the steps involved in the objective setting process for managers and learn how to cascade and create objectives for teams and share it on the PM system.